"If you help only one soul to find itself, if you comfort only one mourner, if you heal only one sick person, then the whole of your earthly life is justified. How privileged you are to be aware of the tremendous power that is around and about you, that enfolds you, guards you, directs you and ensures that you will continue to unfold your latent divinity and the gifts which are your cherished possession."
Silver Birch

Tudor Lodge Centre offers exactly what it says, TLC. It is a caring, sharing place for spiritual study, psychic development, healing and comfort. Located in Bognor Regis, Tudor Lodge is ideally situated for quiet contemplation.

If home is where the heart is, visiting Tudor Lodge is like coming home: experience the love, light and laughter here.
If your soul is weary, treat yourself to the experience. On offer are variety of courses, workshops, lectures and services. Please see 'Events' for dates and times. Enrich your mind, body and spirit.